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IFNS 2022 Seoul as an IN-PERSON symposium!
IFNS 2022

IFNS 2022 Seoul as an IN-PERSON symposium!

It has been very challenging to plan and host an important international meeting as the 14th International Facial Nerve Symposium, especially under the additional challenges of a global pandemic. After much consideration, the organizing committee has decided to hold the 14th IFNS Seoul as an in-person meeting. 


For the quarantine procedure, the Korean government issued a 14-day quarantine exemption for those who visit Korea for academic purposes.


However, effective on December 3, 2021, due to the recently developed corona-variant, Omicron, the government has stopped issuing the quarantine exemption, and everyone entering Korea must have a 10-day quarantine for now.


We will keep you updated with the development of the situation and the quarantine procedure accordingly, so please check the IFNS homepage for new information.


Thank you for your interest and support!